Hello my name is Deeana, a fine art professional photographer. My artistic journey is one that has been marked by resilience and self-discovery. Art has not only been my passion but also my salvation, guiding me through the darkest periods of my life. 
A Shuttered Beginning
My photographic journey began at the age of thirteen. I found solace behind the lens of a camera. I started experimenting with self-portraits, Through the lens of my camera, I have documented my own evolution, both as an artist and as a person. Each self-portrait represents a chapter in my life, a visual diary that has allowed me to express my innermost thoughts and emotions. Each click brought me closer to understanding my complex world of emotions and expressions.
The Art Institute of Washington Dulles
Following my high school graduation, I decided to pursue my passion for photography formally. I enrolled at the Art Institute of Washington Dulles, where I would immerse myself in the world of digital photography. The institute not only honed my technical skills but also provided a fertile ground for experimentation and self-expression where i was able to hone my craft and gain profound insight into my artistic style eventually venturing into portrait and still life photography. 
Through this artistic voyage, i also discovered my deep fascination with the natural world and the profound connection between these elements and my subjects, a connection that served as a wellspring of inspiration, fostering profound understanding and healing within myself and those I photographed.
Towards the end of my college years, something shifted within myself and I experienced a profound spiritual awakening that shattered my sense of purpose and direction. It was a time of confusion and despair, when I questioned the very foundations of my existence. It marked the beginning of my journey towards inner healing.
Art as a Lifeline
I faced numerous challenges during my spiritual awakening, including homelessness and a battle with addiction. These trials brought me to my lowest point, but it was also the turning point in my life. Art became my savior. In the darkest hours, I found solace in my camera, capturing the beauty that still existed in the world around me. My art helped me recover, one photograph at a time.
My journey has been a remarkable one, filled with challenges and triumphs. Through my struggles with addiction and homelessness, I found redemption in my art, a powerful force that guided me towards recovery and self-discovery. Today, I continue to create, draw strength from my connection with nature, and explore the depths of my identity through the lens of my camera. My art is not just a profession; it is a testament to the human spirit's ability to overcome adversity and create something beautiful from the ashes.
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